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Kerkplein Cómpeta
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Convenient transportation options for your Cómpeta adventure

Welcome to our handy transport guide to reaching Cómpeta from Malaga airport. Discover options such as regular express buses and trains, making your journey smooth and efficient.

Read this guide to ensure a hassle-free trip to this beautiful destination.




To reach Cómpeta, first travel from Málaga airport to the bus station in Málaga.

There are 2 options:

  1. Express bus to Málaga bus station,

  2. A train to Málaga (Renfe) train station,

Both options depart approximately every 20 minutes.
You will find clear signs in the airport arrivals hall indicating where to find these transportation options.

Malaga's bus station and train station are conveniently next to each other.

  • A one-way bus or train ticket from the airport to the city center costs €4.

  • Travel time is approximately 20 minutes for both options.

  • You will find luggage lockers at the bus and train stations. Leave your luggage and discover Málaga with our city walk of approximately 2.5 hours if you have time until the next bus.



Let op: de eindbestemming van de bus is Canillas de Albaida, met Cómpeta als voorlaatste halte.
De busmaatschappij heet Loymerbus en vertrekt meestal van platform 7:

Bussen vanaf het busstation van Malaga naar Cómpeta rijden als volgt:

  • Maandag tot en met vrijdag: 11.30 uur, 13.00 uur en 18.30 uur

  • Zaterdag en feestdagen: 13.00 uur en 18.30 uur

  • Zondag: Er zijn geen bussen beschikbaar


Retourbusschema van Cómpeta naar het busstation van Malaga:

  • Maandag tot en met vrijdag: 07.15 uur, 09.45 uur en 15.45 uur

  • Zaterdag en feestdagen: 9.45 en 15.45 uur

  • Zondag: Er zijn geen bussen beschikbaar


Het bustarief enkele reis bedraagt € 5,20, met een reistijd van ongeveer 1,5 uur.


  • If your flight arrives late or on Sunday and you cannot take the bus to Cómpeta the same day, we offer you the option of picking you up from Torre del Mar bus station until 11:00 PM for €25 (46 buses per day, almost every half hour).

  • Alternatively, for €85, you can arrange to meet in the airport arrivals hall where we will take you directly to your accommodation in Cómpeta (journey time is approximately 1 hour, and this service is available for up to 4 people).

  • Another option is to spend your first night in Malaga so you can explore the city or hit the beach the next morning before traveling in comfort to Cómpeta in the afternoon or evening.

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