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Walking Package Cómpeta


We have two fantastic 8-day individual walking packages that are sure to knock your socks off!

For two people, the travel sum is only €249 per person, and for three people, it's even cheaper at just €219 per person! And guess what? The more, the merrier! If you have a bigger group, ask us for a quote, and we'll give you an extra discount without any obligation!

Our packages are available year-round, from January 1st to December 31st. Plus, you get to choose when you want to start your adventure. Want to start on a Monday? No problem. Prefer to kick off your trip on a Friday? Sure thing! And if a week isn't enough time for you, we've got you covered with extra days that can be added to your itinerary. Alternatively, if you're pressed for time, we can even shorten the program to just 6 or 5 days. It's your vacation, and we want you to enjoy it to the fullest!


You'll be staying in Casa Hadriano, a spacious and authentic village house that has been beautifully restored. It's located in the heart of Cómpeta, near the central square and the church.


Fun fact: during the holy week before Easter, all processions pass through this house! Each room is furnished in a typical Andalusian style and comes with a private bathroom with a shower and toilet.
There's a large kitchen for communal use, a lounge, and a fantastic roof terrace (both covered and uncovered) with stunning views of the sea and mountains.

You'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to dining out! There are so many cozy restaurants within walking distance, and the best part? Eating out in Spain is way cheaper than in the Northern Europe! If you prefer a private apartment, that's no problem. The walking package can be booked for €279 per person.

For those who fancy a more luxurious stay, you can book the walking package at the stunning hotel Balcón de Cómpeta. The package costs €355 per person for a room without a balcony and €410 for a room with a balcony (including breakfast).


When it comes to the weather, you'll be pleased to know that it's nice here 320 days a year, with temperatures typically 10º to 15º higher than in the Netherlands or England. However, we do have to warn you that summer can be scorching hot and dry. So, unless you're a cactus, we recommend avoiding the months of July and August for a walking holiday in Andalusia. Spring and autumn are the best times to take a stroll, but if you're feeling adventurous, winter can also be an option. Just be prepared for the occasional rain shower.


It's perfect for those just starting out, with walks that cover 6 to 18 kilometers a day and a maximum ascent of 400 meters. No need for intense pre-training - just bring your enthusiasm and good health.


For those with a bit more stamina and perseverance...


Offers more challenging routes with heights to be conquered up to 1070 meters ascent and descent. Each day covers 7 to 24 kilometers in 3 to 9 hours - but don't worry, we'll make sure to build in a rest day for you to recover and recharge.

On arrival you will receive our Walking Holiday in Cómpeta book with more than 30 hikes in the area for all levels of fitness.



Our packages start and end in Cómpeta, and if you're flying in, Málaga is the way to go. Just catch the express bus from the airport to the bus station and you'll be on your way. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.


We promise to keep you on track, so no need to worry about getting lost and climbing the same mountain twice - that's just not our idea of fun! Each walking day covers anywhere between 7 to a max of 24 km, taking 3 to a maximum of 9 hours. Although pre-training is helpful, it's not necessary - after all, it's your vacation! And if you need a break, a rest day can definitely be included in both packages.


Our packages start and end at the bus stop in Cómpeta, but if you prefer to travel by plane, just fly to Malaga. You'll find dozens of cheap flights to Málaga every day (check under the heading: Transport). From there, hop on the express bus (cost: €3) which leaves every half an hour to the bus station and the center of Málaga. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!


If your flight arrives after 4:30 PM, don't worry, we've got you covered with a good hotel in the center of Málaga, just a 2-minute walk from the bus stops from the airport and to Cómpeta. A double room with private bathroom in Málaga costs €32 per person. You can then take the bus to Cómpeta the next day and first enjoy a city walk in the center of Malaga with a visit to the Picasso museum and the Alcazaba. The bus from Málaga to Cómpeta takes around 1½ hours. We'll be waiting for you at the bus stop to take you and your luggage to your accommodation.


  • Overnight stays in the indicated accommodations,

  • along with Dutch-speaking representation on site,

  • transfers to and from the Cómpeta bus stop

  • and transfers to the start/c.q. of the end points of the walks.


You'll also receive extensive route descriptions and maps to make sure you're always on the right path.


Meals and round trip to Cómpeta bus stop are not included in the travel sum, but fear not - we'll show you the most beautiful places and sometimes even drive the car for 10 km first to get there.


Our packages also make it possible to walk the same route as little as possible twice and contribute to a successful walking holiday in Andalusia.


So, get ready to lace up your boots and hit the trails!


We've been living in this area for over 20 years, walk daily, and know it like the back of our hands. We've made sure our route descriptions are as clear as possible, and we always update them where necessary. We promise to make your walking holiday in Andalusia as enjoyable and unforgettable as possible.

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