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CÓMPETA TO GRANADA Hiking and Biking Adventure


Embark on an unforgettable journey from Cómpeta to Granada, exploring the stunning Parque Natural de las Sierras Almijara y Tejeda and following the E4/GR7 trail. Experience diverse landscapes, charming accommodations, and thrilling adventures along the way.

CÓMPETA TO granada 

You'll start your journey with a warm welcome at pension Hadriano in Cómpeta, where you'll spend the first three nights and enjoy some introductory walks in the surrounding area. On day four, buckle up for a thrilling ride in a Land Rover to a mountain pass where you'll cross over into the province of Granada and make your way down to La Resinera. From there, the real trekking begins as you follow the E4/GR7 on scenic trails and dirt roads to Nigüelas.


Each day brings a new adventure and a different landscape. You'll spend a night in a lovely 2-star Spanish hostal in Jayena, followed by a hospitable B&B in Albuñuelas, and end your journey with two nights in a comfortable Spanish hostal in the heart of Granada. And of course, you can't miss a visit to the world-famous Alhambra on day seven!

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Granada, Spain


Day 1:

 Get settled in Cómpeta and take a leisurely circular walk (2 ½ hours).

Day 3:

Hop in the Land Rover for a transfer to Fabrica de Luz (700m) and walk to Puerto Blanquillo (1208 m) before returning to Cómpeta (5 hours).

Day 5: 

Trek through the nature reserve to Prados de Lopera and then on to Albuñuelas along the E4/GR7 (8 hours).

Day 2:

Hike up to Cerro Gavilan with an incredible viewpoint (1139 m) and visit Casa de la Mina (860 m) on a circular walk from Cómpeta (4 ½ hours).

Day 4:

Get ready for a thrilling day as you cross the mountains via the Puerto de Cómpeta (1420 m) to La Resinera (890 m) and continue along the E4/GR7 to Jayena (7 hours).

Day 6:

Continue along the E4/GR7 through the Lecrin valley to Nigüelas (5 hours), where we'll meet you and bring your baggage from Cómpeta to Granada.

Day 7:

Take a tour of the magnificent Alhambra.

Day 8:

Depart from the vibrant city of Granada, feeling accomplished and fulfilled from an unforgettable adventure.


Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime! 


You'll be staying in some amazing places, like the cozy pension Hadriano in Cómpeta for the first 3 nights. You'll have your own 2-bedroom with a private bathroom to rest and recharge for the next day.


On day 4, you'll stay at the hostal La Almijara in Jayena, where you'll enjoy some delicious half-board meals (breakfast and dinner) and a comfortable 2-bedroom with a private bathroom.


On day 5, you'll stay at the B & B Casa Azul in Albuñuelas, where you'll be treated to more tasty half-board meals and your own 2-bedroom with a private bathroom.

And for the last 2 nights, you'll stay at the lovely 2 star Hostal Veronica Centro in the heart of Granada. Each accommodation provides towels and bed linen, so you can pack light.

Traveling is easy with this walking arrangement, which can be booked from January to December. However, keep in mind that the months of July and August can get pretty hot for walking. You can start or end your adventure on any day of the week, and airlines often offer cheaper prices during the weekdays (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday). If you want to extend your stay, you can add extra nights at pension Hadriano in Cómpeta for €30 per person or at hostal Casa Salvador in Granada for €30 per person.




You'll get to enjoy delicious dinners and breakfasts at Jayena and Albuñuelas, and if you have any dietary preferences (like vegetarian), just let us know. You're free to choose where you want to eat for lunch each day, and there are plenty of options. At pension Hadriano in Cómpeta, you can even cook your own meals or check out one of the many tapas bars or restaurants nearby. And in Granada, there are countless restaurants to choose from, including the amazing restaurant at hostal Casa Salvador.



Look no further! Our package includes:

All overnight stays in 2-person rooms with a private bathroom,

dinner, and breakfast.


Day 3: Transfer to Fabrica de Luz,

Day 4: Transfer to Puerto Blanquillo.

Days 4 and 5: Transfers from the bus stop in Cómpeta


Transport of your heavy baggage from Cómpeta to Granada.

Transfer from Nigüelas to Granada

Extensive route directions and maps. 


For the group trek: An experienced English-speaking guide

will also be provided on days 4, 5 and 6.

Please note that the journey from abroad to Cómpeta bus stop

and the return journey abroad from Granada, as well as other

meals, are not included in the fare.


We recommend purchasing a return ticket to Malaga, as there are many cheap flights to Malaga airport. From there, a bus departs every half hour to the central bus station of Malaga (line 19, fare €3). From the central bus station in Malaga, a bus departs to Cómpeta (Loymerbus, fare €4.65) on weekdays at 11.30, 13.15, and 18.30 hours and on Saturday at 13.15 and 18.00 pm. From Granada, 18 buses depart every day to Malaga, so there is almost always a good coach for your connecting flight from Malaga abroad. 

The first bus leaves at 07.00 am and arrives in Malaga at 08.45 hours, with a fare of €15.


Please note that your heavy baggage will be transported from Cómpeta to Granada. However, you will need to carry your baggage yourself for 2 overnights in Jayena and Albuñuelas, for which a small rucksack should suffice.



So what are you waiting for? Book your walking trek today and get ready to make some unforgettable memories!"

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